About Shy Hair

Our History


Shy hair is the world’s leading hair factory supplying the most popular human hair lace wigs in NEWEST STYLE, VOGUE HAIR COLOR and LOWER PRICE. Since being founded, we have been delighting the women all over the world. As we’re in each step of hair process, so there would be more stringent controls. 

We work on making you look and feel best. We take pride in our vogue hair color and customer service and our high quality of human hair products.

There are thousands of hair companies in the industry. Why so many people choose SHY HAIR?

The reason SHY HAIR sets apart from other companies is our color wigs and hair styles. In this regard, our hair stylists have more than 20 years experience in hair color and styles. They have made many beautiful and special ombre color hairs. We also could customize same color and style wigs after receiving customers’ pictures.     

We accept the customized cap size according customers’ special head size. Also we offer different lace color for customers of different skin tone, also all our hair has a preplucked hairline and short baby hairs, and each wigs has one elastic band. All these aspects make the wig very natural looking.  

Our lace units are made by hand, strand by strand to ensure quality. Each units are made with a long lasting and heat resistant Swiss lace.

Hair is such an important part of our life and a new style makes us feel good. Beautiful color hair makes us become a focus.


Our Service


All Shy Hair starts with the quality of the hair. We do not collect the hair from floors, or shower drains etc. All our hair is cut from ponytails. We select only the strongest, healthiest hairs in which we must pay good money for. Then moving to lace quality. The strength of the lace determines how long the construction of your wig will last. Our lace wigs are made with a very strong long lasting, heat resistant Swiss lace. Each hair is made by hand tied, strand by strand. Customer satisfaction is very important. We’ll choose the most perfect style for customers according their requirements. Every order is checked carefully before shipping. If you have any problems with the unit you received, please feel free to contact us at any time, we’ll try our best to solve the issue. Thank you!!


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